Pollute, salute, refute, acute Canute
You’ve become nothing more than a prostitute
Jump in bed with dangerous, backwards scum
This is our truth, not lies orbiting the s*n

Vanity, scrutiny, impunity plain insanity
It’s enough to make a saint spew forth profanity
Pollution of weak minds on a daily basis
Sucking moguls’ flaccid cocks in stasis

Media, murderers, meadows, megalomania
Have set us on this cobbled road to insania
Polluted hearts and minds think ‘what the fuck?’
Too late now, she’s running out of luck.

Crass, sass, no class, snakes in the grass
A ‘difficult woman’ made of flimsy glass
Face-saving, brittle promises that don’t matter
We’ll laugh in your craggy face as you shatter

Pollution, no solution, no ablution
We shed no tears for your self-made execution
Your eyes resemble those of the fox you hunt
Your days are numbered, you bumbling thundercunt.

Nefarious degenerate, screaming ‘he’s a terrorist!’
You reek of missed appointments with your therapist
You’ve polluted society with deceit and lies
We’ll laugh as your dignity and credibility dies.

We’ll rise, despise, chastise, see through your lies
Your magpie eyes fell way short of the prize,
The young have spoken, we’re swollen with great pride
The old man smiles, he knows youth’s on his side.