I’m the Lucifer of the insect world,

I whizz near your food, watch your hate unfurl.

Land on your dish for a bit of a laugh,

Think I enjoy this? You don’t know the half.


Rolled up newspapers amuse me further,

Up sleeves I zip, you scream bloody murder.

I won’t sting you yet; just getting warmed up,

Zoom up your back, watch you frantically scrub.


Up through your collar, I brush past your neck,

By this point in time you’re a nervous wreck,

Mocking, I zig-zag in front of your face,

Just cruising around, I buzz off your hate.


I rise like the phoenix; you think I’ve gone,

Hi, back again! You must know I’m not done,

I’m just a big tease, I do this because…

…fuck it, you’re boring, I’m going for your schnozz.


This is supposed to teach you a lesson,

This is our world with which you are messing,

Rise to the top, you lay waste to our garden,

Nature stabs back a lot fucking harder.